The wordy post

Found Heechul’s blog on Cyworld.. :\

Looks like the case with SM isn’t very optimistic in anyway (=_=)

Too many things have happened within a span of 24 hours, i shan’t comment too much about it but its been a long while since i even wrote anything here. Time is running out of my side and there seems to be too many things to do before i even get myself settled down.

And that’s just to mark the start of many, multiplying worries.

Stunning isn’t it? It isn’t a picture post today. I’ve yet to sleep since i got up last night and have yet to do anything constructive for the past few hours that i’ve been awake. There doesn’t seem to be much to do or a clear goal to aim for, my mind has been near point blank since yesterday.

Could it be due to the disputes? I don’t know.

I felt like drawing something for today, but nothing came out of it, except a couple of scribbles that didn’t look post-worthy. Technically, nothing’s really capable of describing what i feel like expressing except solid blocked up words, so perhaps i should throw in a dash of emots to make up for the lack of pictorial content:

Yea, perfect for the mood.

Spent almost an hour trying to figure out the korean words on Heechul’s Cyworld. Seriously, maybe I should take up Lisa’s suggestion and head off to Korean classes with her, but aren’t the only important words we have to know being 사랑해요♥김희철?

Its almost near my bed time, given that its already 1.18pm in the afternoon, weird isn’t it? Makes me feel as though i just gatecrashed into GMT + 8 when i’m living in some GMT god knows where timezone.

Anyway, for ANY Suju pals i have who actually read my blog, here’s Heechul’s blog link and a really cute emot i caught him using in one of his posts : (⊙ _ ⊙ㆀ)


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