Blogging from teh netbook again…

Its been so long since i went out! 😀 Super duper happy about it though.. heh..

Even though it wasn’t an extremely long treat, how much more can i say about the joys of having Chicken Tenders 3pc meal at Popeyes that is only a 10 minute walk away from the place you live? AWESOME.

I figured i’ll post something really random about the drinks i really like since i’ve had about 2 of them today:

  • Vanilla Frappe – Strictly the one from Coffee Bean (Not Starbucks, don’t ask why D: i dunno either! Maybe cause I haven’t tried Starbucks out to know how good it actually tastes)
  • Koi’s Honey Green Tea (L) – THIS ONE’S ALMOST A STAPLE. I have it at least once a week to be honest, and its one of the few things that I actually leave the house for. Conveniently, its terribly near my place too!
  • Coke Light – Unhealthy, but hey, I don’t really know why I prefer this to the real deal.
  • Unsweetened Soya Bean Milk – Weird eh, its an acquired taste.
  • Really really REALLY Cold Iced Water – Like totally chilly with some ice forming. The purrrrrr-fect delight in a terribly hot place like Singapore 😦

That’s about it I suppose, I ain’t really fussy about drinks but I just happen to like some more than the rest. Ain’t a crime is it. Took a walk and saw this really adorable notebook at Popular too, its pages are black but its really cute. Will try to upload a picture of it soon i guess.

In the meanwhile.. I’m off.. again…

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