My tooth filling fell out on a public holiday.

Its a really nice way to say that i’m screwed upsides and over seriously, given that no dental places are open on a goddamn public holiday.
To make things a lil’ worst, its Labour Day, the day where no one ever works, seriously.

On the bright side though, i chanced upon a group of people who love IKEA pencils as much as i do!

And behold, the IKEA pencil tower from Facebook

Its a beauty! 😀

Remember how much I wanted Milo yesterday? Well, it was $6.50 and I somewhat got a Coke Light instead, but guess what this morning!?
ITS FOR $4.65.

HOORAY 😀 (Even if you’re gonna call me cheap for blogging about a mere $2 saving, i’ll say stfu, its worth a facial mask)

Thanks for bringing me the box of masks Adrian :3~ Seriously its so HAHHAHAHAHA when i saw it, i totally froze. Who the hell delivers facial masks anyway!?! Hope your mum likes em’ as much as I do though. Its surprising how you still remember its Aloe Vera =o.

I suppose thats all i have to say today seriously, and yea, to all those peeps out there, I HAVEN’T STARTED ON IME NOR IFO 🙂

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