Probably a relatively eventful day..

And so i overslept and became a farm šŸ˜¦

Dohh. That doesn’t really matter.. Happy birthday Desmine!

šŸ˜€ Seriously, it was terribly imba getting Sindy baby to sing Cyndi Wang’s “Ai Ni” LOLOL.. It has got to be the most epic thing that has ever happened in his whole life. I wonder what his dad would do if he heard about it :O

And its an upcoming 22th birthday in a couple of months, feels like i’ve lived enough to be honest, i can’t seem to find much to live for after i’ve graduated šŸ˜¦

Then there’s still the everlasting problem that’s been ongoing for weeks and coming to a month.

What the hell am i supposed to do when i’m lost every single time i try looking into your eyes for an answer?


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