New lessons

Thus the rat race begins..

Of sorts, been working for a few weeks now, there’s somethings i truly love and somethings that i still raise a brow over but yea, it evens out to a decent overall evaluation of things right now.

Wish i had pictures of all those rilakkuma merchandise i’ve been fishing upsides and over at prize stage 😐

Right now at 8.57 over a cup of warm milo, i am pondering whether getting up at 6.30 to sleep on the 7.30 bus was exactly a good idea.

Well, i ain’t late, but i ain’t as early as i would like to be either. Nonetheless, this is probably a nice schedule to start off if i were to seriously get a weekend car.

Speak about short term goals isn’t it. I like my office enough to stay here 24/7 and would DIE to live right in it with a cosy bed and a rilakkuma pillow nearby.

Right smack in the middle of Shenton Way, its almost like a landmark to jot down the midpoint between Tanjong Pagah MRT and Raffles Place MRT station.

Maybe its time to munch on a subway cookie whilst waiting for the day to start.. Sadly, today’s only gonna end at 9.30 😦


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