After many days at this new job.

I’d have to say.

I love it.


It doesnt’ matter who reads this or whatsoever, seriously, i don’t just love my job, i love the people. And… I love my boss.


Why? I work long hours at times, I don’t get OT pay, and there are always itsy bitsy tight deadlines to meet almost all the time. But isn’t that in every job? I know there are many of my friends who have retorted that i might be crazy talking about how happy I am working here, but yes, its rare, it happens.

I’m a workaholic.

Its not like a shunned disease of anything, but i’ve grown to truly enjoy every single minute in the office, liking short visits to the pantry to perk up my day and seeing the smiles on the faces of everyone on a job well done.

Now let me tell you reasons why I am able to love this job much more than most secretaries or admins out there in this world.


A workaholic.


1)Appreciative bosses

So true and very important, this is probably the first thing that most people would want, and like to have be it any job they take up.
This is very true, many bosses don’t praise their workers enough on a job well done, nor give morale incentives to work harder. My current office on the other hand, dishes out praises and keeps my day motivated. The fact that there is no management gaps between upper managerial levels and the lower leveled staff helps to keep workers motivated and more inspired to work harder. Sounds like training a dog, despite putting this in such crude terms, I believe it applies very well in this situation. Just like how treats and baits are used to train animals to perform tricks to please us, incentives and praises to work hard gives workers an added motivational boost to put in the best they can. While some research has shown that older workers with family commitments look at their paycheck more often than not, younger workers look for the emotional belonging and praise that comes with a job well done. (

2)What are you working for?

The answer i get 80% of the time is money.
Sadly, people who work for money and groan over the extra 1 hour they had to stay at work are never going to make it up there anyway. Its a give and take situation, if your bosses are appreciative, they will recognize your efforts. Personally i believe in putting in the best regardless of how bad situations are at times, working hard and well also gives people a good impression, even if the boss was unappreciative of how things were when you were around, he might give you a good review for your next employer.

3) Attitude

I live by a really simple phrase belief though,

“Calculating the number of hours you work, and looking at your paycheck, grumbling over the bits and pieces that you have put in but are not measured monetarily for, leaves the impression of a disgruntled worker, less likely to be promoted, more likely to be recognized for the bad things he has done, and never going to get the pay he eventually wants to have.”

By Scott Adams,

As such, I suppose that concludes everything!

With the usual saying.. back to work


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