The Mother of Singapore

I chanced upon this article today via a search on Yahoo!

Somehow, there are so many things in the marriage of our minister mentor that we can see in bits and pieces of our daily lives, how we find companionship and solace in another individual, wanting to bring them smiles and joy.

Holding back my emotions, I read this article and found peace within myself.

While the human life is fragile and frail, it’s the spirit of many that keeps bonds and relationships strong.

As we move on from a jungle of lush greenery to a scene of cemented high rised buildings and busy footsteps, many of us have lost our hearts somewhere, or have forgotten to look around us one more time for traces of warmth in society.

Its amazing how people still see the ugly sides of every picture when viewing such a post, what’s gone is gone and has become a fragment of the past, but viewing the comments of the readers to MM Lee’s eulogy left me baffled.

Has technology brought us the convenience of communication, but given us the lack of compassion as we speak for we have taken it for granted?



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