Monday downs

I shan’t call it the blues because almost everything is down this Monday.

From the EZ-link card reader on the bus to the fax-copier in the office, everything doesn’t seem to enjoy working on Mondays either!

Thus I’d rather declare it the Monday downs than the blues..
Seriously yesterday was a relatively random day, I attended a really huge HUGE funeral procession =_=”.. as well as rode on a bike for the very first time in my life =S

Speaking of which, I think a bike ride is experiencing the roads at its fullest, feeling the wind at every turn and knot even though the ride was a really short one. But seriously, the amount of laments over how unsafe bikes are… seriously.. <_<”

I suppose there’s always a first for everything, and always something to look forward to.

Right now, as I’m sitting in the office, semi dozing off and wondering what’s the next best thing to do, I suppose its to drink more water and try to keep myself going :(…


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