Argh its so hard

To be on time!

Well i was feeling extremely horrible today but that doesn’t give me a valid excuse to be late for work.


I start at 8am, and have NEVER ONCE BEEN ON TIME BEFORE 8.
Okay maybe a few times, but yea >_> Just for the record.


So this isn’t working out well either.

I’ve found a few structural plans to work around it, out of which all would work:

  • Hire a rooster

Its not as bad as you would think it is, besides, having bird crap and feathers splofed (I invented this word. Its like OOF *SPLAT* SHOVE) into your face at 6am in the morning will get you so pissed off, fatigue becomes secondary.

  • Move into my office

Well, if you’re physically there, how can you possibly be late!?

  • Live on a different time zone

I suppose if I was at GMT +1, I would have 7 hours of leeway. Then again, its all in the mind

And oh, don’t tell me things like sleep early, or what nots, i’ve tried those, they’re IMPOSSIBLE!


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