GEO vs Freshkon vs Maxi

Probably the 3 brands of Plano lenses that i’ve tried so far given that I have no myopia and wear coloured lenses purely out of vanity..
Recently got my GEO lenses via the mail, after trying them on for a lil bit, i decided not to wear them unless I really had to, since they have a 1 year lifespan on them. Despite all that fab talk about ensuring that GEO lenses have that sticker on them, most counterfeits have them now as well, so its pretty much a struggle.

Wouldn’t advice anyone out there to wear circle lenses above 10 hours since they do cause dryness and irritation.

Then again, having a travel sized bottle of solution is a must with lenses like those.

Freshkon’s probably the thinnest out of the 3, extremely breathable material, no discomfort after long hours and pretty sleek, Maxi is a true love for the vibrant shade, but not suitable for long hours either.


Speaking of which. I FML-ED again sending the correct e-mail with the wrong subject heading.




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