The extremely lazy Saturday.

And so after lazing around all day on a Saturday afternoon, calling Adrian and asking if he wanted to Jubeat in the rainy weather, rolling around in bed huddled up next to all my plushies and many fruitless clicks at Bakery Story and downloading random mahjong applications on my iPad whilst rejecting requests to head out simply because i felt terribad…


I decided I was hungry.


And there it was, simple but delicious, the really humble salted egg:


With porridge.



Even mummy liked it, but she says the best part of the whole darn thing’s the yolk, which i apparently dislike due to the high caloric content and that.. creamy taste in yolks which i eat only when i’m in the mood for it.

Then again, whilst playing Bakery Story, i had that evil craving for donuts and strawberry cheesecake once more.


Ahh, dayum.


Back to the bed.


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