The Cookie Love

“C is for cookie and cookie is for me” – Cookie Monster

Gawd, its such a cute word.

Imagine this, awww you sweet lil cookie ❤

Now i’ve officially realised that anything cookie-lized is basically cute. For example:

Credits to Jenny Peh

And recently, with the David & Goliath craze of stupid things sweeping through the techno-savvy world, comes ONE TOUGH COOKIE:

This is mad cute

TELL ME. HOW TO RESIST. ITS IN PINK EVEN. ZOMG. This is probably the only thing that tempts me to dig my claws into an iPhone 4G, asked the seller if there was an iPad version to this cutesy pie.

Apparently not.

And if you’re still not in love with cookies, lets have 9 cute babes sing about it


Oh gawd.


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