All about. Today

Today wasn’t a fabulous day,

Neither was it a really bad day.

It wasn’t exactly mediocre either.

It began with being late for work and incurring $19.10 in cab charges.

Missing a call from someone important on Viber

Having lunch with Kevin the Loser

Best Friends Remember Your Bad Points and Point it out to You.

Did most of my filing, paper work’s pretty much cleared, looking ahead.

Sent in my resume for my new job which is pretty near my home. I’m gonna work with the monkey, I suppose I’m gonna be working at “The Zoo”.

Added the 3 chicks I knew last Friday to Facebook. (Don’t ask why, but I don’t do chicks my friends are into, and these 3 are hot on target in demand by my buds now. Tsk.)

Going home with Kevin the Loser (Zomgwtfbbq. I need to elaborate on this aspect. SERIOUSLY. Finding 851’s bus stop IS GODDARN DIFFICULT. After walking for 30 minutes, we finally got there)

Realised that games that utilize the motion signals of Apple products are best left alone on transport and played only in stationary situations.

Even aiming for a non-moving cactus on a moving bus can be a pain in the ass

Realised that I have the tendency to get off the lift early especially if someone presses the 9th floor. Since i alight at the 10th.

With such, I shall conclude.

This day could be worst.

And oh, one last thing:




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