Me + Apple will never equate to diet

Says 2 women who are both aiming to slim down.

We’re getting further away from it each time we meet 😦

But hey! Lunch was fabbbbb.

We went to Ramen Culture which was situated at Iconic Village, seriously the service pissed me off so badly as I had to wait for 38minutes (Yes, I timed) before my order was served from the time I placed it. As such, even though the food was relatively delightful to taste, the service delay plus the fact that they were supposed to cater to the lunch crowd deeply disappointed my expectations of the place.

The funny looking decal on the outside that beared an uncanny resemblance to Angry Birds

After that, we headed to Patisserie Glace as usual!

Ordered the same old favourite plus a gorgeous looking Strawberry Shortcake this time!

Trust me, the sinfulness in this lil’ slice of heaven is FULLY made up for by the way it melts beautifully in your mouth. The bittersweet pieces of strawberries seem to decorate this beautiful dessert so nicely!


Beautiful! With my staple bubble tea from Artease!

And then, we walked on.. and there it was.. beautiful little cupcakes topped with all kinds of assorted creams! MAD PRETTY 😀

Couldn’t resist it, we just HADDDDD TO BUY THEMMMM.

And there they were, in their pretty boxes, an assortment ^-^~

Tadah! All that we bought!

Sitting in the office right now, munching on a delicious slice of Strawberry Souffle (The best seller at Patisserie Glace) I’m really glad I took a picture of my six lovely vanilla cupcakes ^^~

Pretty Little Sixes