The day after yesterday

Today’s bus ride was incredibly bumpy. Doesn’t help a thing that I was sitting on the outer seat where every swerve was bad enough to make me feel like I was falling off my seat.

Alighting at TJ, Sam texted asking if I wanted breakfast. Zomg thanks dude 😀 but i alight RIGHT NEXT TO A KOPITIAM SELLING IMBA CENTURY EGG PORRIDGE.

So i boughtz that. Epic win. Peanut filled flavor with the zing of green mushy yolk.

Century Egg 😀

I think I’ve just terrorized every single egg hater in the world with my love for all eggs that aren’t normal eggs.

I recently developed a love for salted eggs as well which puts my egg love at a whole new level of joy :D. Whilst I seem enthusiastic about century eggs and its salted counterpart, I’m still pretty skeptical about the runny yolks of half boiled eggs. Not that it puts me at risk of salmonella, but the taste’s still pretty rancid to me after awhile.


Missed 2 important calls while snoozing in dreamland.


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