The extremities in life and multiple beliefs

Well, this is really extreme.
Those who have known me for quite awhile would probably know how adverse I am towards having kids. Its almost like the largest fear ever.

Wanna know the largest irony  in life? I’m thinking of having one next year.

Why? Did I find the guy of my dreams? Or did I simply go ballistic after a severe overdose of bak kwa this year?

Neither. Its purely because of something a relative said and the Chinese Zodiac.

Now, if you’re going WTF and WTH IS THIS WOMAN THINKING? Its time to leave this page 😦

Okay here goes:

I was born in 1988. Which makes me a Dragon in every right and also an Earth dragon by the 60 year elemental zodiac cycle.

Ze Earth Dragon, Moi.

And now, its going to be 2012 next year. Besides the part that the world is supposedly coming to an end, it is also the year of the Water Dragon.


Earth Dragon in a Water Year.

As the Water Year is wealth for the Earth Dragon stronger, this is a mixed-blessing wealth year. Will benefit a Strong Earth Dragon more than a weak Earth Dragon.

  • Birth Element which will enjoy a favourable/unfavourable year etc.

    • Strong Metal, weak Water, weak Wood
    • weak Metal, Strong Wood, weak Fire
  • Compatible Animal Signs
    this year:-

    • Excellent – Rat, Rooster, Monkey
    • Avoid – Tiger Ox, Dog
  • Good Travel Direction
    this year:-

    • Metal – North-West/West
    • Water – North

    Vomit blood. Next year 24 only. Still not married, where am I going to find this kinda chance again you tell me.


    Then again. Its an optional belief isn’t it


    Tsk. Sour grapes I am.

    Sad die.


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