A woman’s beauty

After a relatively interesting conversation, i decided, its best we talk about this topic today.

Given that beauty has always been the object of pursuit for many, people often feel that they do not look as good compared to one time or another in their lives. Therefore, I suppose, in a nutshell, I could do a generic graph for the peaks of the female beauty lifespan:

The Truth.

Basically, most women gain beauty points as they grow, from being kids that know nuts about makeup to spending their allowances on pretty dresses and what not. However, the true peak comes as le’ female attainz spendingz abilityz. With the introduction of $ comes the want for beauty. Thus, most women actually achieve their peak at 25, find a man, get married and it slowly dwindles into eternal tragedy from this point forth.

As such, i shall conclude, I’m almost as chio as I can get already which isn’t very chio. But then again, maybe if I squeeze in abit more time, I may be able to attain a slightly favourable peak period. Then again, with the modern aid of botox and what not, perhaps I may be able to smoothen out the gradient a lil’ bit more.

Awwman. Sux2beme


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