Comfort Zones

I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to my own life of being a home dweller, not leaving the house, and not going out unless I absolutely have to.

Prolly the only few people I meet are within my comfort zones of family and relatives 😦

Its sorta weird how I became this way, but then again, it seems fabulous in a different light.

I was randomly pondering, why I shut my doors to some, and why I simply draw the line between a friendship and a relationship.

Its such a treacherous line to breach, almost to a point of no return when feelings are involved, to be honest, many people have come to this point, to realise the differences are too drastic, to find out the hand they’ve been holding was a mistake.

Upon this, perhaps I’ve gone too lazy to try accepting anything new, or strange, I’m more of trying to fix up my own life and steer it down its supposed path.

I’ve deviated for too long.

Perhaps trying to be perfect has drained me.

Maybe I’ve looked too far.

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