Saturday blues

Yea i has it, probably the only fabulous thing was the Sausage Mcmuffin with Egg that I had in the morning cause’ Sophy was nice enough to get us Macdonalds for Saturday’s breakfast.

Yum yum

Seriously, its got to be the best tasting thing for 350 calories.

After a really heavy lunch of curry and rice, i blacked out. All the way till 7pm where I woke up and didn’t feel like doing anything with the super heavy headache I had from a really bad sleeping posture.

Yea, my bed’s overcrowded with soft toys.

After i decided to go out for kopi.. something =_= happened.

“Hi, Honey green tea without pearls please”

“We have no pearls, no green tea either.”

“Red tea?”


“:( okay then milk tea”

sad sad. diet chui : (


Nonetheless… i did the craziest thing ever, i painted my nails red O_O

Nope, these aren't mine, but they're the same colour

Voom 😦

Pfft. so bored, time to gatecrash to bed and hope for a better Easter Sunday.

And oh, my favourite kind of easter eggs?

The upside down sleeping ninja egg :B

So cute.

Darh. If only easter bunnies were raving rabbids!


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