So i went back to Cassiopeia as usual, its an addiction that can’t seem to die :B


Aww, awesomely, i sorta managed to mess my way around my battlemage to get it to have decent damage, as I was rapidly flauting my awesome luck with Random Experimental A coupons to get my BattleMage Hair!


So awesome.

Gotta love chains.

And there it is, the brand new Lady PluiePluie!


Kawaii PB Chair.

And oh, i managed to capture this really cute SS of the “Soaring” skill required for the Dragon PQ~


3 thoughts on “:D

  1. Hello LeMignon. Wanted to talk to you for a really long time. I have searched for you for more than a year already. Thank god i finally found you. When will you be on?

    Please reply only on this page, I’ll be waiting. The email address is one i’ve never opened for years.

    -Annonymous dude that called you a friend despeite the huge age difference.

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