The brand new Bakery Story


So recently, I was amazed when one of my neighbours actually posted on my wall to update my Bakery Story. (A game I haven’t touched in ages since


returning to Msea)

Told me to send her a part, guess Bakery Story’s starting to have more interactive features amongst neighbours!

Items you can request for to build the Easy Stove.

Now they even have step by step quests that involve whipping up some of the starting dishes to earn points and experience, if you’re pretty far in the game I would recommend skipping these though.

Quests to Start Off

Nonetheless, there are also new cute furnitures to die for! Such as the cupcake chair and table!

So cute!. Cupcake chair and table

Naturally, how could i resist revamping :p

Add me @ Pluiey ~ xD



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