Oo, my guilty indulgence.

The awesomest strawberry souffle ever

I miss tanjong pagar, the cakes, the whatsoever.. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT KAY ❤ <3.. Both cakes are from Patisserie Glace, possibly the cutest jappy pastry shop i’ve seen. Their cakes are very elaborately decorated and taste just as good as they look! Thank you uncle sam 😀 😀 wahaha.

Yum yum, short cake.

 I pretty much gatecrashed home to find a lil package in the mailbox, turns out my coin pouch from Korea finally arrived @_@

As good as it looks online!

Its crazy, its so chic and the material’s really awesome, no cheapskate looking metal parts on the charm as well, awesome buy at $13, totally love Gmarket ^-^~

So cute.. but omg what is it!!??!?!!? WTF CONDOMS?


And yea, my love for Rilakkuma has probably gone overboard this time, Toni’s pal went to Japan for her.. Honeymoon trip? And lugged back these cuties from the local drugstore, goodness, the jappies really kawaii-ized everything with Sanrio™ characters. But seriously, these are too cute to use! The japanese characters on the front of the box write: “Would you stay up all night with me?” (Or something along that line, my jap is phail, in fact i don’t even know the language) To think something so.. personal could have such a cute touch added to it, seriously @@” the Japanese do think of everything.


 And i am 100% satisfied with my completed iphone gmask. Its so pretty i’m totally in love with it. Its prolly one of the really few things i bothered taking care of since its so important to me, means soooo much to be because its sooooo special <3~ SO ENTERTAINING. SOOOOOOOO APPLE. Steve Jobs oughta hire me.


YAY 😀 that pretty much sums up whatever the hell the past one week has been. Bah. There’s still so much left to do. And ARGH when will my spree items arrive?!

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