The cutest sad looking puppy ever.

The Jutsu Boy

Okay, that was random, this was a really old animation Raymond introduced me to. Lol.

So as usual, i headed out to get my Cold Storage fix, i saw a really really cute puppy, which i thought was a soft toy at first!

And I couldn’t resist but get a picture of the pup whilst he was being carried in the bag 😀
And he refused to look at the camera at first! But just check out his puffy puppy cut ears.

Okay I was too lazy to rotate it, but hey! He’s SIMPLY adorable. Here’s the story, I was out, and i saw this really chubby boy huffing and puffing as he was carrying the pup in his doggie bag, so i went over and asked him for a picture!


Then we headed off to Udders, where I couldn’t help but vandalize their walls again 😀

Couldnt help it

So win.

-random photo 😀

Woodie from Dragonica!


Seriously, this was a steal, it came free with a 20k Icash credit purchase, thanks man Kev Loser. 😀

Never felt happier, especially now that my pink Tamagotchi™ V5.5 is here as well. Found someway to strap it around my phone, wahoo. Speak of mobile gaming.


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