The Ramen Challenge! 6 Top Ramen Chefs from Japan here in Singapore for a Year!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for ramen.

Its just the best thing ever that fills you up on a cold stormy evening, now its made even better with 6 selections to choose from! Right smack in the middle of Bugis at Illuma’s 3rd storey!

The 6 Ramen Chefs

Presenting the 6 Ramen Iron Chefs! They had this brochure that showed basically what each chef was famous for and which part of Japan they came from, even Japanese businessmen were in the queue to have the ramen! We were SOOOOOOOO positively certain that this would be the best ramen we’ll ever have ^-^.

Ivan and the Brochure
Aaron and the orange brochure.

And they couldn’t help but take a photo with the brochure since we were so darn bored waiting at the queue. Oudrey didn’t take any because he’s disgusting >_>.

After almost half an hour of waiting outside the restaurant, we were finally right ahead in the queue! And boy, was the view spectacular. It was like an array of ramen push cart stalls like those you would see in Japan, pretty much like the Japanese food court concept some restaurants in Singapore have.

The view when we were number one!

Its pretty much Marche styled, they give you a tagged card which you present upon ordering and check out with it at the cashier when you decide to leave.

Our cards :D~

Absolutely cool, as expected, of typical Singaporeans, we went to the one that had a queue. All that agreement about each one of us sampling a different stall went through the roof when we saw a long ass queue being chalked up at Bario’s. So there we went! And they gave us an electronic disc after we ordered which we were tossing around as though it was a land mine -_-.

Ivan posing with the disc and his HUGE ASS BOWL OF BARIO RAMEN!


Pros: My favourite type of thick yellow noodles! The first few bites are simply mind blowing.. and OH MY GAWD, is that FATTY MEAT? 😀

Cons: Its too overwhelming after awhile, really salty after taste that lingers for hourssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ooo fat meat :B love.

Bario was absolutely fabulous, i’ll say its worth a try if you’re intending to share, or just order the half portion because the taste is ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY when you first dig in but gets a lil’ overwhelming towards the end. But hey, its really blew my mind on the very first bite, here’s an illustration:


This is how it feels like at the first few mouthfuls, approximately halfway later… it becomes

KOI relieves salty

Its really salty ._. and then you start grabbing any drink available and slurp off on it, plus it makes you sooo bloated cause the portions are sooooo big.

We took a walk around thereafter but Ivan couldn’t resist the Sapporo girl.


Okay, maybe it wasn’t the girl but the alcohol. Duh. Moving on, I had the best vanilla ice cream ever :D.

😀 so many flavours

Marble Slab just has so many flavours but I always eat Vanilla wherever I go~ Ivan’s ice cream went splat on the floor after flirting with the girl at the cashier ROFL. 3 second rule applies, he still ate the half smashed waffle basket -_- pity I didn’t have the time to snap a photo of the disaster.

Moving on to Arcadia I saw the, CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE KAPIBARA POUCH EVER. (After repeated failures to catch any Ben and Jerry’s from the machine)

Kapibara bee pouch 😀

Still not mine. FML. I suck at UFO Catchers.


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