Eons later

I have reemerged into this world. Somehow.

Despite the unlimited word count, courtesy of WordPress, I hardly have the strength to pick up a pencil, so its best I let my fingertips do the work.

It has been the MOST ATROCIOUS week ever. Called in 3.5 days sick and was reduced to nothing but flab and bones (Heh, my muscles went soggy). In fact, I haven’t had a fulfilling cup of bubble tea in ages and walking past KOI almost reduces me to a miserable pile of sob.

All that worthless self pity aside, the rest was pretty needed, mentally and physically given the EXTREME circumstances I’ve been put through which I shall not elaborate about because its pretty sensitive and personal and I simply LOVE making people wonder “WTF is going on?!?!?!”

I know that's how you look right now.

No worries, I had that same darn face almost 75% through the whole of last week. I’ve learnt to take things in my stride and try to understand that losing 4kg in a week is barely accomplished by many, a dream of plenty and something slimming parlors promise to deliver. Been playing PLENTY of time management games on my iPhone in my spare time from Bakery Story to (Oh My Lord.) Pocket Potions.

Poor Nana has been bombarded with endless Whatsapp messages from me going like:

O hai.. You know there's this REALLY COOL APP.... (Insert name)

Yea it happens. All in the name of boredom…

And whilst being half dead thru the entire week, for the one darn evening where I was finally without fever and itching to leave the house. I went prawning.


You bet. Best part of it all was Mr Huge Ass who seemed to be a giant amongst the feeble prawnlings.

And he was HUGE O_O.


I know he doesn't seem that huge here.


How bout this?

Taken with his, well, smaller counterpart of the same species.

Convinced?.. Think Lacus’s sis had pretty good luck catching something this size :D. *Clap clap*

But seriously, xue really is the QUEEN of prawning, all the prawns just came biting when she was around. :B. Argh, she’s in Taiwan for work in approximately 6 hours :(.

Ending off with a really cute pic from an app I’ve been messing around with.

Guess who!?



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