Fabulous Reasons Why I have a “Limited” Web Presence

This question got me pondering by midday during lunch.

“Why don’t you have Facebook? Its like, limiting your web presence.”

Good nuff said.  Limiting my web presence? I could probably break this up into a few bite sized portions so I don’t blow fire over that poor dude’s neck.

I do not LIVE for my web presence. Frankly I can’t be bothered if like 99.9% of the world doesn’t know about me, I don’t live on a published name and photograph to determine my existence.

And pretty much, the part that got me peeved off, were the words “Web Presence”. Even without a web presence I’m pretty sure I exist in reality. Its much of a joke that I’ve limited my web presence in such manners by not having Facebook. Well I have WordPress and Twitter as long as an age old blogspot with TONS of memories that I have conveniently locked up by “forgetting” my password and its URL. My Facebook was *POOF* in an unfortunate accident that was actually a blessing in disguise. It helped me find out who my REAL friends were. People who knew my number hasn’t changed for 10 years and people who still bothered sending me cheesy greetings (Even though I never really reply any of them. I’m sorry just not my thing 😦 ) But yea, they exist beyond pokes and friend tags!

Yup. So you can rip it out along the way when you float off, Asshole.

And I wouldn’t put ANY of them up on Friends For Sale.

No way.



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