The Apocalypse Emergency Food Pack

I’ve been putting crap loads of thought into this.

Starvation is scary, and food in a time of need is more valuable than the number of Yusof Ishak faces in your Prada clutch.

With much thought I therefore decided to start working on an apocalypse food ration.

Based on my personal tastes, I’ve come up with this list of probable stuff in my food pack:

  1. 2 packets of solid fuel cubes
  2. 3 lighters
  3. 1 small cooking tin
  4. 2 packets of chlorine tablets
  5. 3 cans of luncheon meat
  6. 12 pouch packs of instant noodles (Maggi asam laksa since I like it thick and brothy anyway)
  7. 2 rows of Marie Biscuits
  8. 1 1.5kg bag of rice
  9. 4 packets of Idahoen Mashed Potatoes
  10. 1 bag of 3-in-1 Milo mixes

And I’m ready for the goddamn zombie apocalypse you brain eating assholes.


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