The homeless

Something we shun upon when we encounter in real life yet take pity and even dig at our wallets and pockets when awareness is being created. Do note that this post was not created to tug at any heart strings, but created simply as a personal outlet for how helpless I felt upon encountering her.

She is a typical stray cat. Not fanciful, without a tail due injury or abuse, constantly licking at her own fur as she is scabbed all over. Extremely thin and nothing amazing to look at, yet she made me wonder, every single moment whenever I look at her, why couldn’t I give her a home?

It has really hit me hard, everyone knows, a pet that is imperfect is usually despised and not very welcome into any average household. Yet why does my heart pine to give this little one a home so badly even though its out of my means? I have 2 rats and 5 hamsters right now, there is absolutely no way I could accommodate another cat. Even if she was caged it would take plenty of convincing to persuade my grandmother to keep her. I just ran out of ideas, feeling extremely helpless and wondering what might happen if she spent another day out there in the cold, rain. What if I forgot to feed her, I feel weak without a single meal, what would she do without any food for a day? Maybe even 2, 3 or 4?

I’ve written in to several cat welfare organizations in hope of a small donation in exchange for a meal for this little one. Perhaps its all that I can do.

If I had a slot, in my family, would I give it to the beautiful groomed puppy in the window, where everybody yearns to own, or the “dirty” stray cat, with injuries and scabs.

To accept the imperfections and look beyond the flaws, is love. To pick on the imperfection and examine the flaws, just shows the number of imperfections and flaws within the perception of love. 


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