The personal experience

The pain was excruciating, both mentally and physically as the sharp jolts down my spine sent me wide awake. I sat up in bed, struggling to comprehend what was going on, but my mind was a blank. I hardly found the energy to breathe as I struggled to focus on my surroundings. Nothing seemed to be working as I was wide awake as though I was being consumed alive by the devil.

I knew I had to move. There was no time. I rushed out of the room, holding on to whatever I could for support as I struggled to keep moving. My head was spinning as I struggled to pace each step despite the increasing amount of pain with every movement. I knew I had to depend on myself now, there was no one I could call out to at this unearthly hour.

Each step felt worst than the previous as beads of cold sweat broke out across my forehead, I reached out for the switch and frantically shut the door behind me. I knew at this point in time, I was at a safe place, but there was much more to do at this moment. I had to get it out of me before I lose control and be consumed by the pain within. Fear soon overtook my senses as I sat down nervously, not knowing what to do. The pain worsened with every movement yet there was absolutely no turning back. I needed out.

Time passed by quicker than I thought in a state of what seemed like eternity. I heard the crow awaken in the distance and I knew it was all over. I had no more strength after this episode and I flushed the rancid remains down to oblivion.

Worst laosai ever dude.



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