Sayang Dayang

For the non-malay speaking, Dayang means lady-in-waiting, like the helper of royalty or bridesmaid in Malay (Thank you Naura for the translation)

Some people might know my heart was totally sold to a little black and white cat quite awhile ago.

Perhaps it was affinity that let us meet, but this little one had much more on her paws than one could imagine.

This little furball i affectionately refer to as Momo had a name, a family, plenty of love before she roamed the streets. Sadly, when the family moved, she wasn’t taken along, a kind hearted soul then took on the responsibility of feeding Little Dayang everyday, however when he moved away, she was left to roam. A cat that once knew love, would never harm anyone was now left to fend for herself against the cold each day. She would occasionally return to the old home, only to meet angry faces and be chased out by the new occupant.

And so, began my story with the lovely bridesmaid.

Missing patches of fur, with bright yellow eyes and a purr that would melt your hearts. She was torn, beaten up by the environment but she still had a sparkle in her eye.

Taking her home wasn’t an option as she bolted out of the door the very moment she had a chance to. This wasn’t home to her, it was a jail. She had been left on the streets far too long to come back to a home once more. Feeding her daily was the least that could be done for her plight.

Little Dayang, I can’t give you a home, but I promise to sayang you till the very last day, no more nasty stares, I finally understood why you refused to let me go that day when you were so comfortable on my lap. Because, there’s nothing more that could comfort you over your loss, than the very warmth of love you felt in that cold night.


Yes, I love you too.


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