The Bullies

Not much could be said about my childhood, I didn’t lead the sheltered carefree days most children led. Nor did I look forward to school. Truth be told, school was the scariest place to be in when I turned 11, how the entire class turned upon me over a holiday period and I had no idea how it started.

Insults began with me being called a jinx. Nobody wanted to sit next to me, nobody actually bothered about how I was coping. Nobody even wanted to share a locker with me when we were offered one, so much so the form teacher took pity on me, she gave me a locker to my own. 

Then, things got worst. I’ve had stuff thrown at me in class, no one to team up with for group projects and the only person whom I thought of as a friend was well, not a genuine one to begin with but I put up with her for the fear of loneliness. Going back home to four walls wasn’t helping much either, but it was a source of comfort. Nasty glares with people snarling at me weren’t uncommon sights, getting hit by brooms and being called a jinx was probably one of the few things that I just learnt to get used to. I knew they were nasty but I still tried to remember their birthdays and buy them a small token simply because my birthdays were often neglected. That feeling of having that one special day to a child neglected is something most adults would not understand. Yet, this was called an act of “buying friendship”.

And now, I have to thank this group of people for making me who I am today.


Yes, sincerely. Thank you.


Without you, I probably wouldn’t learn to face harsh realities or to understand how ugly people can truly be. Children, thought to be innocent angels can actually inflict much more damage than their parents think they could. Without you, I probably wouldn’t be able to look at life’s multiple problems with a smile given what I have faced as a child.

And children can actually gang up and abuse the power of numbers to belittle one particular student in the class, this can either make or break the little one. If your child is coming up to you about being bullied, there is something you can do to stop it. Being bullied is NOT a child’s fault, discipline is necessary if your child is in the wrong, but bullying is already a wrong on its own, shouldn’t that deserve discipline?

Everyone needs that pillar of support. Mine, came from a strange origin, someone whom I’ve never met before. But Miss Suzi, wherever you are, thanks for staying up till 3am to chat with this kid you’ve never met, she found the strength to live on because of you. 🙂



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