The drama with no good end

Before we begin, I would first like to make it clear that I am already capable of making mistakes that I am well aware of. In general, I don’t need any external parties to tell me how badly I screwed up. I know I did. (Sigh)

  So this began some time back when I decided the relationship wasn’t going to work out and I called it off. Took the plunge and booked that Japan ticket. Well I had this friend who knew Japan well enough.. Let’s call him Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur had intended to go to Japan anyway with his friend in the later parts of the year to catch Japan in its autumn glory. So he was pretty okay with me joining this trip and thought a coffee session was definitely needed to get to know the travel buddy, and so we met up.

Bulbasaur’s friend, Squirtle seemed like the average office lad. Thinking that it wasn’t such a great idea to travel with Bulbasaur and Squirtle without bringing someone I knew.. I decided to invite Charmander. Charmander has been a friend for as long as I can remember.. We don’t meet up much but hey, we really did click well.

So fast forward a little and Squirtle ended up confessing. But given my state of mind then, I was definitely not in any state to date anyone. So Squirtle told me he would wait if he had to. At that point, my mind was standing somewhere between “Bah” and “This is it”.

A little into the Japan trip.. Squirtle got upset that I was texting Charmander. So he let loose a Bubble Beam that was super effective. Basically it affected me enough to wipe me out of all my mana points. I then told Squirtle later at night that someone like him was definitely not within my considerations. He kinda realised he screwed things up for himself and went to Feeladelphia. And I thought that was the end of it, honestly.

Throughout the trip there were so many moments where Charmander was always there watching out for me, telling me to be careful of Squirtle’s advances and what not, but hey it’s a trip and if I was gonna like, not talk to anyone or something it would be pretty awkward.

Squirtle too decided to apologize for Bubble Beaming me with a card and rose. #pointsforeffortz. Kinda liked Squirtle somewhat at this point.. But felt we weren’t exactly suitable.

Then came day 5 before we knew it. Charmander suddenly went into an all feels mode and decided to wake me up with the PokeFlute (Goddamn this bitch) to tell me he had been holding his flame on his tail for me all along after he got upset that Squirtle had been spending most of the evening with me. I then decide to venture off on a Pokemon Adventure to 7-11 as I needed some food therapy to let off some steam after being awoken from my slumber.

Who would have known that Squirtle would panic and chase after me as though  I was gonna self destruct like a Voltorb. Much drama. Both Squirtle and Charmander knew at this point that I was really tired from their rivalry and what not.

In the meanwhile, Bulbasaur was pretty peeved with Squirtle for not telling him the whole deal and being so emotional the whole trip.

So we returned to Singapore. Bulbasaur decided not to speak to Squirtle. Charmander and Squirtle never spoke a word and a mutual friend of me and Charmander picked me and gave Squirtle and Charmander a piece of his mind. (No this is my god dad, not another Pokemon).

And I’m tired. So I shall sleep.


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