The demon within

Often there are many things we would wonder about when dealing with emotions.

The recent episode taught me more than I  would appreciate about people and how they tend to react to situations.

I believe there are two ways of dealing with heartbreaks, one where you would seek solace from other parties on a rebound spree and another where you try to focus on all other aspects of life except love.

And we both took different sides of the coin to handle this issue. As I watched him browse through countless dates, talk to countless women, I was deeply wondering if he had even considered what i felt. Then again, it is absolutely normal for people to want something they feel they can’t have, so I shelved that thought aside before it manifested into something out of control.

I do occasionally look back and wonder if things would have turned out differently if events had been tweaked even minutes or hours before occurrence. Work has helped to keep most of these thoughts in check thankfully but these still hover in pockets of free time throughout the day.

But hey, time’s the best medication for anything and the only fortune teller there is.

So if you’re down in the pits, give it some time. As painful as day 1 and 2 feels, each day only gets easier.

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