Why life is like a box of chocolates 

Everytime we take a step out, we’re basically living in a world where we are placed in a vulnerable situation, figuring out what’s the best thing to do next. This comes so naturally we have almost forgotten that the ability to analyze and process the entire enviroment in a matter of split seconds and responding almost immediately is seen as a phenomenon on its own.

Picture this, you’re given a box of chocolates at the start of your life. A variety of flavors, for you to enjoy. If you were to savor each one on your own, there might be a few that wouldn’t sit so well with you, if you were to share it with someone else, you get a share of their chocolates too and even some flavors you never had in yours.

But what if all the sweet and tasty ones have already been taken away and all you have left are the bitter and less than ideal ones. You start to wonder if you still want to share them, since everything is bitter, stale and maybe even mildly stained with tears. 

Then along comes someone. Who brings along his own box of chocolates, looks at yours and tells you he likes the ones you have. But you have lived your entire life, believing these are the nastiest tasting chocolates ever, thus you worry each day, if he really does want some from your box. When you peer into his, there are some chocolates he has that you would like to have, but alas, you feel you have nothing to offer, and you cower away in fear.

Each day you look down at your box, looking at the empty slots where the nicest and sweetest chocolates used to be, and remember who you have given those to. At times you wish you could have them back, but then again, it’s all a learning experience. Sometimes we trade chocolates with someone else, not knowing if we would like the filling within, but more of the trust and the hope that we might get something we want in return.

So how many chocolates do you have now, are they sweet, bitter, or perhaps, have you given all of yours away and looking for someone who would be willing to share his with you?


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