The fear of being happy

People, with the intellectual ability to comprehend emotions, feel for others and even empathize have often taken this for granted in so many ways.

Yet it is this very ability that puts us in situations where we have to make a choice. Decisions, albeit going through logical processes in our heads are still emotional choices that are dependent on what we feel about giving up and getting whenever we make one.

A kid is asked to wait. He might get candy if he does, but he has no idea what the outcome might be. Some clues like a whiff of sugar in the air gets him excited, yet he gets nothing. Over time, he comes to accept and convinces himself time and time again that he would be getting nothing.

And out of nowhere, he’s presented with a candy bar. Exactly what he’s been waiting for.

But now he’s not too sure if he can even eat it. He looks at it, contented in someway, but puzzled nonetheless and wonders if this is really for him.

Just in case it might be taken away he tries not to smile and continues to tell himself that this might be someone else’s candy bar.

And this poor little guy now has cherophobia.

It happens to all of us, dumbing down expectations to a point where we fear being happy simply because we keep thinking something bad might happen.

Alternatively, you can always find happiness from a dog. Have no fear, their hearts are pure. 


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