Hello Furry Gift

Apparently, the colleague at work had an accidental litter of hamsters and was walking about looking for a home for his new family of 12.

Of course, with my reputation as the crazy rodent lady, it came as no surprise that I was the very first person to hear about it, he even reserved one of the furry babies for me.

Throwback to a couple of months ago I would probably agree in a heartbeat to adopt the entire village and re-home them slowly while I bask in the adorableness of having those tiny pink noses stare at me with black beady eyes.

But nope. I barely found time to clean the house the past week, much less manage another tiny guy when I haven’t even picked Dango Chan up in the past month (I’m sorry!)

On the bright side. I found enough time to prepare this! Extremely sinful but hit the spot and I really do miss having home cooked food every now and then 😦

 I’m starting to look forward to 夏祭り this weekend already..

Can’t wait!




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