The Dream Log

Okay. I get it, dreams aren’t real. They only last for as long as your eyes are shut and probably haunt you for the next 2 hours or so.

But thanks (or not) to the weird way my memories work, I somehow managed to remember most of them with some effort.

Dream 1 : The Marathon Failure

Apparently this dream came in episodes across the entire evening. The starting is a little fuzzy but I remember seeing the 34km race marker and feeling weak all over, nauseous and extremely wobbly. By 38km, my vision had blacked out and it ended there and then.

Dream 2: Losing a limb

I’m not too sure if this is a continuation of the above or something completely on its own. But this dream was pretty straightforward. I woke up alone, and noticed my right leg was gone. Oddly, I was really calm in the entire dream as though it was something expected.

Dream 3: The hamster who looked like a mix between Fluffybutt and Oreo

This dream made me really happy for some reason. Perhaps it’s the feeling that the boys have come back to visit me in another form that reminds me of the joys of having them. I went to pick up a hamster that had a spot on his face and was banded all over. He was really cute. But I had no cage for him. So for most parts of the dream, it was looking at cages, trying to find a home that would fit. But he was really tame and stayed close to me all the time. Also, the hamster was really chubby and his white patches made him look absolutely adorable.


Its pretty interesting since I haven’t dreamt in a really long while.. in fact, probably for close to half a year? Perhaps thats why its intriguing when it comes as a sequence.



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