The Final Lap

I finally delved deep inside enough to find the courage to tell the world…

I’m doing a full marathon.

By no means am I elite or even amateur in running standards.. I’ve clocked only a personal best at 2 hours 42 minutes for a half marathon and that was on one of he better days.

I finally felt the pain on the 32km Newton challenge..

Okay I didn’t do too great, but I’m still terribly glad I finished.

I also adopted a 30 day marathon training plan in hopes of scoring a better timing (sub 6. Please I would be so happy)

Was looking at the boyfriend’s record timing and feeling proud of him in a many ways while drowning in envy and wondering if longer legs do help in distance running. (God, I’m so sore)

I’m really glad I have a partner in crime (愛してるリヂアさん!)who has agreed to complete the full marathon with me.

Regardless.. 42km finisher tee here I come!

Bonus! My four legged pacer at 20km…


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