Welcome to LINE Brown Farm!

Finally the ever popular game from LINE is here! And it feature insanely adorable versions of our favorite Brown in his own farm!

I rate the opening credits 5/7ye

Basically this is a FarmVille style game where you plant vegetables and harvest raw materials to maintain your farm animals and create produce from the various Brown artisans

But the best part of this game is still collecting all the little Browns who are dressed up in all sorts of ways. So far 😦 these are only obtainable via Gacha which costs 80 gems per try.

These are the 3 types of gacha available at this point.. 

1) Brown Gacha – gives you a random little Brown which will stay on your farm and give you rewards at designated time intervals. I got Coffee Cup Brown!

2) Friend Point Gacha – gives you a random amount of money or axes

3) Coupon Gacha – Gives you pretty neat stuff! But no idea how to get coupons yet

The cutest part about this game has got to be the deco. Most of it is themed under LINE friends and there are even Sanrio character themed decoration to unlock!

Have been visiting every one else’s farm to realize they all look 9999999x better than mine FML

The LINE character standees are just too cute

Can’t wait to unlock the train station ;-; currently saving 9999 coins for it.

If you still can’t find a reason to play it.

Here’s a cow from the game in its full curd chewing glory

You’re welcome


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