Like most kids my era, Disneyland was probably the ultimatum of dreams and goals for a family trip. Going to Disneyland meant plenty for a child at that time.

So one day, on a casual evening, a dad told his child.

“Son, I’m taking you to Disneyland”

For the average kid, that was ethereal music to his ears. The kid almost leapt for joy at the sound of the word Disneyland.

Thereafter, almost every single day, all he could think about was that Disneyland trip. He made a short mental list of all the attractions he would visit, the things he would do. And he waited.

And waited.

“Dad, when are we going to Disneyland?” he asked one day.

“Soon…” was the response that returned.

The boy continued to wait, feeling increasingly dejected with each passing day. At times he wondered if that was all a dream.

Frustrated, the boy asked his father once again…

“Dad, its okay if we’re not going, just let me know.”

The same response came back from his dad… “Soon, my boy, be patient”.

And this went on for quite awhile.

Until one day, the boy’s dad had to go away for awhile.

Definitely there was not going to be Disneyland anymore.

The boy was devastated and struggled to piece together why this could have happened. Did he not deserve the trip? Did he do something wrong? What exactly could have been the reason?

But there was nothing he could do…

But wait.


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