Worthless Facts : Why are there holes in donuts?

Cue this question post lunch yesterday when I bought a regular sugared donut and wondered why there had to be a hole in the middle.

Lo and behold, my answers were found in the mythical acres of Google.

Quoting from this article from Wonderopolis:

A sea farer Hanson Gregory was probably the first “inventor” of donut holes as he realised deep frying the bread caused the sides to be crispy but the middle to be soggy and moist. To resolve this issue, a hole is cut thus the heat cooks the dough in the inner circumference evenly as well.

It was also potentially a way for bagel seller who sold these treats on a stick to have a hole to put a stick through.

On a side note, I’ve learnt from this article that most commercial donut holes are a lie and are just square or rounded pieces of dough deep fried and sold as donut holes.

Deception of the donut hole indeed.





Confessions of a subpar first time marathon finisher

The day i (1).png

Before we go on, let’s put subpar in perspective.

I walked most of the 42.195km of this race, felt like quitting at least 15 times and completed under the glorious noon sun with a timing of 7hours and 9minutes.

Before the lactic acid wicks itself out of my muscles and the memories and emotions fade from my mind, I’m going to write this post to commemorate one of the craziest achievements I’ve ever had.

I signed up for this race a long time ago and did a couple of half marathons along the way but absolutely nothing prepared me for this. In fact, a month or so earlier, i took a plunge and tried out the Newton challenge for 32km, that was probably the most painful decision i ever made as my legs were sore, out of whack and numb by 26km. That race however, helped prepare me mentally for 70% of the full marathon, with the other 30% being time and weather.

Truth be told, I never did any LSDs or had a proper speed training regime. My best timings are probably 1hr 12 minutes for a 10K and 2hr 41 for a 21K, not impressive and definitely not marathon worthy. On hindsight, while I cussed in regret for the lack of training, it was clear what I had to do to improve.

So with the lengthy and not very interesting prologue aside, I’ll break down the entire marathon experience in hours beginning from the evening before.

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Welcome to LINE Brown Farm!

Finally the ever popular game from LINE is here! And it feature insanely adorable versions of our favorite Brown in his own farm!

I rate the opening credits 5/7ye

Basically this is a FarmVille style game where you plant vegetables and harvest raw materials to maintain your farm animals and create produce from the various Brown artisans

But the best part of this game is still collecting all the little Browns who are dressed up in all sorts of ways. So far 😩 these are only obtainable via Gacha which costs 80 gems per try.

These are the 3 types of gacha available at this point.. 

1) Brown Gacha – gives you a random little Brown which will stay on your farm and give you rewards at designated time intervals. I got Coffee Cup Brown!

2) Friend Point Gacha – gives you a random amount of money or axes

3) Coupon Gacha – Gives you pretty neat stuff! But no idea how to get coupons yet

The cutest part about this game has got to be the deco. Most of it is themed under LINE friends and there are even Sanrio character themed decoration to unlock!

Have been visiting every one else’s farm to realize they all look 9999999x better than mine FML

The LINE character standees are just too cute

Can’t wait to unlock the train station ;-; currently saving 9999 coins for it.

If you still can’t find a reason to play it.

Here’s a cow from the game in its full curd chewing glory

You’re welcome

The Final Lap

I finally delved deep inside enough to find the courage to tell the world…

I’m doing a full marathon.

By no means am I elite or even amateur in running standards.. I’ve clocked only a personal best at 2 hours 42 minutes for a half marathon and that was on one of he better days.

I finally felt the pain on the 32km Newton challenge..

Okay I didn’t do too great, but I’m still terribly glad I finished.

I also adopted a 30 day marathon training plan in hopes of scoring a better timing (sub 6. Please I would be so happy)

Was looking at the boyfriend’s record timing and feeling proud of him in a many ways while drowning in envy and wondering if longer legs do help in distance running. (God, I’m so sore)

I’m really glad I have a partner in crime (æ„›ă—ăŠă‚‹ăƒȘăƒ‚ă‚ąă•ă‚“ïŒ)who has agreed to complete the full marathon with me.

Regardless.. 42km finisher tee here I come!

Bonus! My four legged pacer at 20km…

The Dream Log

Okay. I get it, dreams aren’t real. They only last for as long as your eyes are shut and probably haunt you for the next 2 hours or so.

But thanks (or not) to the weird way my memories work, I somehow managed to remember most of them with some effort.

Dream 1 : The Marathon Failure

Apparently this dream came in episodes across the entire evening. The starting is a little fuzzy but I remember seeing the 34km race marker and feeling weak all over, nauseous and extremely wobbly. By 38km, my vision had blacked out and it ended there and then.

Dream 2: Losing a limb

I’m not too sure if this is a continuation of the above or something completely on its own. But this dream was pretty straightforward. I woke up alone, and noticed my right leg was gone. Oddly, I was really calm in the entire dream as though it was something expected.

Dream 3: The hamster who looked like a mix between Fluffybutt and Oreo

This dream made me really happy for some reason. Perhaps it’s the feeling that the boys have come back to visit me in another form that reminds me of the joys of having them. I went to pick up a hamster that had a spot on his face and was banded all over. He was really cute. But I had no cage for him. So for most parts of the dream, it was looking at cages, trying to find a home that would fit. But he was really tame and stayed close to me all the time. Also, the hamster was really chubby and his white patches made him look absolutely adorable.


Its pretty interesting since I haven’t dreamt in a really long while.. in fact, probably for close to half a year? Perhaps thats why its intriguing when it comes as a sequence.


When I thought I had it

Seriously, after running for so long, I finally had some breakthrough in speed. I managed to complete 4.4km at a 6.05 minute pace that I was so proud of.

Then the unimaginable (more like unfortunate but oh well) happened.

I got hit, square on by a bicycle from the back.

For 3 seconds, I was wondering how bad the impact of damage was as I felt my knees were scraped. The next thing that swam over my mind was…


And I had no idea how I should have continued, but I ran away, then hesitated before calling the boyfriend who was ahead that I had hurt myself.

With the above, this dance really sums up my current mood.


I’m so done.